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Nicos International: Leading company in Europe for solidsurface production, which it makes 100% in Italy with excellent aesthetic properties and finish and which can be applied transversally to several sectors. In doing so, the company achieves all the solutions that spring from the imagination of the most famous international designers and architects and creates objects that resemble works of art, but that are produced in series.. solid, surface, finitura, pezzi, unici, designers, architetti, solid, surface, vasca da bagno, lavello, cristalplant, biobased, lavandino, bath, sink


Nicos International S.p.A. is a company that is known for its quality products and for the total service it gives its clients during all work phases. That is why it specialises in developing customised projects and products, company by company. If a company or, better still, an architect wants to develop a new product, Nicos International is the ideal partner to contact. The company’s prerogatives include constant research, the use of avant-garde materials, the design of its products, quality guarantee from the purchase of its raw materials to the entire production process, up to delivery of the finished product. Nicos’ loyalty to its customers is one of its strong points: the company only sells “B2B” to companies in the furniture sector; Nicos International SpA does not possess a range of its own or a brand of its own and does not distribute standard or customised products to distributors or show-rooms, as other competing companies often do.

Nicos International Spa has been working in the “solid-surface” sector for more than 30 years. With its substantial knowledge of composites, the company improves existing materials and develops new ones, researching new applications with the most exclusive names in the international design world. The new headquarters in Portobuffolè (TV) are the demonstration of the company’s technological and product evolution. The new site, in fact, which spreads over more than 8,000 square metres, houses the most modern machinery for offering highly innovative design solutions.

Nicos International is a leading company in Europe for “solidsurface” production, which it makes 100% in Italy with excellent aesthetic properties and finish and which can be applied transversally to several sectors. In doing so, the company achieves all the solutions that spring from the imagination of the most famous international designers and architects and creates objects that resemble works of art, but that are produced in series. Nicos International has structures that are capable of resolving any problems that may arise during the design and production phases: Laboratories for materials, technical offices for 3D design, third-party structures for the production of prototypes, an internal mould laboratory, a test and inspection laboratory, a quality control department.

Nicos International has solid partnerships with many renowned International names, thanks to the overall quality of its system and its production cycle, its constant research on materials and up-to-date procedures, its technological products and, last but not least, its customer-oriented services. Nicos International Spa wants to express its gratitude to all the companies with which it collaborates and which have made the creation of this site possible, with special thanks for having allowed us to use and publish photos of items made.

RESEARCH: research activities are essential, both in order to constantly improve the quality of existing products, and in order to create new products in line with current trends that can meet designers’ needs. Research ranges from formulating new, high-performing resins, to treating charges, new polymerisation systems, up to surface treatments. An “anti-bacteria” formula was recently invented. For particular research projects, Nicos International often collaborates with external organisations and universities. All of our products meet the current standards of the field (EC standards).

INDUSTRIALIZATION: the new products / processes are “accompanied” to production in order to be correctly industrialised. In fact, the formula and production cycle are fine-tuned for every new product. Only this year, Nicos has prepared and industrialised materials especially for the production of tables, for outdoor applications and for a variety of different kinds of objects.

Compliance declaration – Kitchen sink
Compliance declaration – Bathroom basin

Incoming raw materials are put through tests and inspection, so as to ensure production constancy and quality constancy on the finished product. Testing methods follow specific standards, in order for them to be comparable. Checks consist primarily of reactivity and viscosity tests and in monomer content for the resins, as well as of verifying the humidity and size of particles for the minerals. Quality control also extends to the finished product. The tests are performed daily: checking the colorimetric coordinates by means of spectrophotometers, determining the mechanical hardness characteristics (Barcol), resistance to traction and bending, modules and stretching to break point (dynamometer), visual and dimensional inspection. Ageing tests (Xenon test) and thermal shock tests are also carried out.


In 2001, Nicos became part of the EUROPAK SpA group situated in Vazzola (Treviso). In 2003, the company moved to the new Italian technological plant measuring 9,900 square metres, located in Portobuffolé (Treviso). In 2004 the company was awarded UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. It is located 40 km away from Venice, with the nearest beltway exit being Conegliano, approximately 20 km away from the Portobuffolé industrial area. Nicos develops highly technological materials and services dedicated to the furniture industry, becoming an integrated partner to its clients. Production is dedicated to Cristalplant, to CristalplantBiobased and to Ceramilux.

The company works in the basin production sector, dedicated to the European bathroom fitting industry. Bulsan Ltd. was registered at the end of 1998 as a legal entity belonging 100% to Nicos International Spa Italia. The company is based in Bulgaria, in the city of Botevgrad at approximately 48 km by beltway from the capital Sofia, and 1400 km from Nicos International SpA Italia. The company is continuously committed to improving production efficiency and the quality of its products, offering an unparalleled customer-loyalty service. Its production is dedicated to the Mineralmarmo, Mineralsolid and Ceramilux materials. The company was certified UNI EN ISO 9001 in September 2008.


The Nicos products are born with a precise philosophy: satisfying the needs of all designers and architects within the customer’s company, whether they are standard or customised. Flexibility, design and avant-garde technology are some of the essential characteristics that distinguish the Nicos company, which thus ensures the utmost quality and control during each working phase. In fact, all projects are first processed with the help of 3D CAD. The prototype is then passed in Ureol©; lastly, after thorough testing, the first prototype is tested and ultimately offered on the market.

In order to produce Cristalplant®, raw materials are purchased all over the world by leading companies worldwide, which use working methods and processes in line with safety standards and that respect the environment. The material is created in the new Italian technological plant, where all production operations maintain the highest environmental standards so as to guarantee processes that are safe both to the health and to the environment, constantly improving the technologies used. That is why both the Cristalplant® material and the products created are 100% “Made in Italy”. Most of the Cristalplant® rejects resulting from the production process are ground and re-utilised; the residues are disposed of in compliance with the standards in force. Cristalplant® can be recycled but, because it is considered an inert material, it can also be easily disposed of in scrap-yards, in observance of local laws. The important aspect which should never be overlooked is the constant search for innovation, which does not focus only on technological contents or formats, but which concentrates on the psycho-physiological aspects of the user who interacts with the product. The drive to propose new sensations, ones that are evolved and increasingly stimulating, new and re-evoked based on new consumer needs, represents the motivation for developing a material like Cristalplant®; it radically changes the culture of material, changing the way in which a bathroom environment is experienced and positively influencing both mind and body, modulating senses and emotions together with the aim of perceiving a basin or a bathtub as a protective nest. In 2011 Nicos International Spa created the first real “green” solidsurface in the world: more information can be found on

In collaboration with the UNI organisation and the Catas laboratory, Nicos International first industrialises by testing the three-dimensional drawing against the theoretical mechanical resistance tests by means of the best computer programs and specialised technicians, and then certifies the products to the respective standards, in order to provide the best guarantee and safety of use.
The bathtubs are subjected to the substantial test of 100 heat cycles from 10°C to 90°C (CE marking).
The kitchen sinks are subjected to the substantial test of 100 heat cycles from 10°C to 90°C (CE marking).
The shower trays are subjected to the substantial of test of 250 heat cycles from 12°C to 70°C.
The bathroom basins are subjected to the substantial test of 1000 heat cycles from 12°C to 75°C (CEC marking)
Tables of all sizes are subjected to the substantial horizontal resistance test of 30,000 cycles with 300 Newtons
Tables of all sizes are subjected to the substantial vertical resistance test of 30,000 cycles with 300 Newtons

Product Development

A week 1 The client’s customer or architect gives Nicos a 2D/3D technical sketch/drawing
B week 2 Within one week Nicos presents an offer for the initial investment and the product price
C week 3 The customer signs the offer/contract with Nicos
D week 4 In 5 days the Nicos technical office prepares the technical drawing, subject to confirmation from the client
E week 7 Nicos builds the mould in approximately 20 days
F week 10 Nicos delivers a pre-series of 5 pieces to the client, for a quality check
G week 11 The client orders a first order of 10 pieces from Nicos, in order to test the order system and the packaging based on the program and on the commercial agreements
H week 12 Nicos can now begin to produce in series for the client
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