Nicos International

Nicos International: Leading company in Europe for solidsurface production, which it makes 100% in Italy with excellent aesthetic properties and finish and which can be applied transversally to several sectors. In doing so, the company achieves all the solutions that spring from the imagination of the most famous international designers and architects and creates objects that resemble works of art, but that are produced in series.. solid, surface, finitura, pezzi, unici, designers, architetti, solid, surface, vasca da bagno, lavello, cristalplant, biobased, lavandino, bath, sink

fields of apllication

Nicos International is the only company in the world that patents and produces products destined for use in the furniture industry using its own materials. By means of customised moulds, it makes a variety of products in Cristalplant, Mineralmarmo, Ceramiluc, Mineralsolid solely against individual request. This guarantees exclusive rights to companies that invest in the production of a customised mould that can produce minimum production batches of 20 pieces, typical volumes of the semi-industrial technologies dedicated to the medium-high and high market ran

Nicos International Spa has acquired all-round experience in the field, so much so as to be able to provide valid support to its customer companies. In this field the CONTRACT area deserves special mention. Nicos International Spa, in fact, offers all-round consulting to all those companies and structures that are involved in turn-key supply in the naval, hotel and construction field, offering innovative and customised products that, if necessary, are also competitive from a financial point of view.

Collaboration from Nicos International Spa is guaranteed from beginning to end: from design, to the choice of the most appropriate materials and products, to the construction of the prototypes, to production, to the choice of packaging and the correct technical-data cards, up to after-sales assistance thanks to a structure that self-certifies EC and that allows third-party company to certify their products C-UPC for international markets and, lastly, the “green” materials and products by LEED, with “VOC” and “Greenguard” certifications.

Nicos International SpA can also provide the development, supply and assembly (with external partners) of three-dimensional walls dedicated to the RETAIL and HOTEL worlds. All information can be found on the site