Nicos International

Nicos International: Leading company in Europe for solidsurface production, which it makes 100% in Italy with excellent aesthetic properties and finish and which can be applied transversally to several sectors. In doing so, the company achieves all the solutions that spring from the imagination of the most famous international designers and architects and creates objects that resemble works of art, but that are produced in series.. solid, surface, finitura, pezzi, unici, designers, architetti, solid, surface, vasca da bagno, lavello, cristalplant, biobased, lavandino, bath, sink

product development

A week 1 The client’s customer or architect gives Nicos a 2D/3D technical sketch/drawing
B week 2 Within one week Nicos presents an offer for the initial investment and the product price
C week 3 The customer signs the offer/contract with Nicos
D week 4 In 5 days the Nicos technical office prepares the technical drawing, subject to confirmation from the client
E week 7 Nicos builds the mould in approximately 20 days
F week 10 Nicos delivers a pre-series of 5 pieces to the client, for a quality check
G week 11 The client orders a first order of 10 pieces from Nicos, in order to test the order system and the packaging based on the program and on the commercial agreements
H v 12 Nicos can now begin to produce in series for the client
schema sviluppo prodotto